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Adult Christian Education

Do you feel weighed down by the burdens of the day ?   Click on the document button to read a brief devotional which will lift you up !

At this time, we are offering our Women's Bible Study class which meets on Tuesday evening at the church at 5:45 PM.  Please check our calendar page for dates.  We currently are not holding Adult Education classes on Sundays.  Please check back periodically or view our church calendar for upcoming classes, dates and events.  Thank you for your interest.

Seeking God's Understanding of prayer

In church we talk a lot about and believe in the power of prayer.  We go before God in prayer, we ask for his help…his healing…his presence, and then we hope.  We hope for answered prayers…we hope to see the power of God revealed…we hope that He hears us.   The fact that God allows us to come before Him in prayer is one of the greatest gifts that we have been given, but do we really understand how precious of a gift that is ?  What does scripture teach us about prayer and how we approach God ?  We will be looking at topics such as:

  • Are you Listening, God?

  • What we learn from the Lord’s Prayer

  • The Heart of Prayer

  • Complaining to God

  • The gift of Unanswered Prayer

  • The Courage to Keep Asking

  • Praying According to God’s Will

  • Prayer…It’s not about us

  • How Prayer Changes us

What do you believe?

Basic Christian doctrines are simply what Christians believe, about who God is and how God is active in the world, in our communities and in our lives.  Stated in a single word, basic Christian doctrines are "Theology".  Theology is what we believe. 


"Theology calls forth faith when it is spoken in faith and received in faith as God's gracious word to the human creature."       

(Dr. John H. Leith)


Unfortunately, theology in recent years has become the realm of seminaries and universities, separated from the life of the Church.  This is new in the history of the Church.  In Church history, theologies that gathered and sustained congregations always started with the revelation - Jesus Christ as the Word made flesh - and grew out of worshiping communities. 


"The commonsense wisdom of the Christian community over a period of time is still the best arbiter of Christian doctrine ..." 


(Dr. John H. Leith)


In our adult Christian Education Classes, our goal is to help each of us become more acquainted and knowledgeable about the Scriptures contained in the Holy Bible.  This will, in turn, draw us into a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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325 N.E. Damson Ave.

College Place, WA. 99324


Office hours:

11:00 AM to 4:00 PM Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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