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We hold several Adult Sunday School classes in between Sunday Services at 9:45 a.m.

A few of my favorite psalms

In this class we will be reading through a select few of the Psalms. We will spend time in the word reading them together and discovering the context behind when and why these passages of scripture were written.

We will focus on a few Psalms that are difficult to understand, and seek to break them down to see how they apply to our lives. It will be a time of group discussion with opportunities to ask and answer questions to better know how to intake wisdom from the scriptures into our lives.

How do we find rest in our busy lives? How do we grieve, or express anger in healthy ways? These are a few of the questions we will seek to answer through the course of this class. If you enjoy Psalms, and discussion join us as we explore a few of my favorite Psalms.

This class is facilitated by Bryson and will be held in the ACE room.

What do you believe?

Basic Christian doctrines are simply what Christians believe about who God is and how God is active in the world, in our communities and in our lives.  Stated in a single word, basic Christian doctrines are "Theology".  Theology is what we believe. 


"Theology calls forth faith when it is spoken in faith and received in faith as God's gracious word to the human creature"        (Dr. John H. Leith)


Unfortunately, theology in recent years has become the realm of seminaries and universities, separated from the life of the Church.  This is new in the history of the Church.  In Church history, theologies that gathered and sustained congregations always started with the revelation - Jesus Christ as the Word made flesh - and grew out of worshiping communities. 


"The commonsense wisdom of the Christian community over a period of time is still the best arbiter of Christian doctrine ..." 


(Dr. John H. Leith)


In this class, we will study the history of what the Church has believed over the centuries, using the book "Basic Christian Doctrines" by Dr. John H. Leith as a guide for each to better know and understand what they believe, so that the Church may survive. This class is facilitated by Randal and will be held in the sewing room.

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