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Ed Freepons Memorial Scholarship

Take a look at the history of our far-reaching scholarship program.


Beginning in the summer of 1994, we began a scholarship ministry for our college and career students which has become one of the
most vital ministries for our congregation.  The essence of this ministry is to support, encourage, nurture, and affirm our young people
during their academic and professional formation.  Through financial support, prayer, ongoing communication, and encouragement
we walk alongside our young adults with Christ's love and care.  

Following his death, we named this ministry in honor and in memory of Ed Freepons.  Ed grew up near College Place and his family
has been a part of this congregation for over 50 years.  After serving in the South Pacific in World War II, Ed returned to Walla Walla
and decided to attend Linfield College to become a teacher.  While there, he met his beloved wife, Bette Zimbelman (Freepons-Fread).             They both taught in the College Place School District until their retirement.  

Since it's inception, this ministry has been a tremendous blessing to both the recipients (who cumulatively have received $400,000 in scholarship funds) as well as to all of those who share in making it possible.  Thanks to all of you, we look forward to serving an ever increasing number of young adults as they seek to know and respond to God's call for their lives. 

Fund raising for this ministry comes from a combination of generous donations from our congregation throughout the year as well
as from our semi-annual Ed Freepons Memorial Scholarship Dinner and Auction.  These evenings are made possible through the
generosity of both the auction item donors and those who bid on and purchase those items.  


Scholarship Application
Renewal Scholarship Application
First Time Scholarship Application

This Scholarship requires that the student be involved in church or youth group or outreach activities for at least 6 months of the past year.

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325 N.E. Damson Ave.

College Place, WA. 99324


Office hours:

11:00 AM to 4:00 PM Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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